Sustainability Policy

Surf Up is committed to doing our best to be an environmentally and socially conscious organisation.

Our social and ethical responsibilities are important to us and we are always reevaluating our processes to reduce our environmental impact and be more sustainable.


We use Green Hosting. Our hosting provider is committed to contribute towards the health of the environment and proactively takes eco-friendly actions that involve either carbon offsetting or renewable energy usage in order to reduce or mitigate the environmental impact of their servers’ energy consumption.

We embrace remote working and encourage virtual meetings, allowing our team to work at convenient locations and avoid excess travel.

Our invoices, proposals and other correspondence are all paperless digital versions.

We recycle as much as we can, and try to avoid single-use plastic and packaging where possible. Any printed items (business cards, clothing etc) are done so using recycled or sustainable materials where available. Minimising our impact on the planet.

All of our cleaning products are natural and biodegradable.

We use energy efficient lighting (LED) and low energy appliances where possible. Our devices are set to sleep mode for short breaks and are turned off at the end of each working day.


We use Fairtrade and ethically sourced products.

We use local suppliers where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

We encourage flexible and remote working to help our team maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We refuse to work with organisations involved in ethically questionable activities.

We bank with Monzo because they are branchless, are socially and ethically responsible, and have a social programme of great initiatives, such as The Gambling Block.

Charitable donations

We donate a portion of our profits to local charities working to conserve and rehabilitate aquatic environments in The Lake District and surrounding area.